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Cannot install windows on HP laptop

So I am trying to install windows on a HP laptop, fresh install and it either gets stuck at the loading screen or it gets stuck at 0% on install. I have replaced the SSD, RAM, I unplugged any usb controlers from the mainboard, I have tried other boot device, Rufus, MediaCreationTool, Bios Factory Reset, Bios update, Secure boot on and off, uefi native and uefi non csm and legacy, Windows to go, nothing boots. On the other hand any linux distro i have tried works like a charm. What am i doing wrong???

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12 minutes ago, whispous said:

What model exactly is it?

HP EliteBook 840 G1

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3 hours ago, Seedk24 said:

I am trying to install windows

Which version of windows?

AMD stands for Advanced Micro Machines

-ColdFusion, 2021

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13 minutes ago, Mark Kaine said:

Which version of windows?

I tried Windows 10 and Windows 7 ISO's from Microsoft also from torrent earlier versions of Windows 7 and 10, same outcome.

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