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Icue h100i elite capellix

Hello and good day to everyone, I’m having an issue today with this AIO I literally just installed it and have had it for an hour. The AIO Was installed, the RGB commander went in fine. And the 3 pin was put on the CPU_FAN as it says to do in the Manuel. All connections are good. I’m at a lose for what could have happened. Mother board:ASUS B550-F gaming, PSU: 750 Corsair power supply, CPU; AMD ryzen 5 5600x, 2x16gb vengeance ram, GPU: GTX 745. The temps I got indicate that it is working but with the light I don’t know what to do. Any thing to help would be much appreciated. 




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I'm not sure I've understood what you're asking here, but are you asking how to control the lighting? If you are you'll need Corsair iCue installed. It'll show up in the home screen of iCue (assuming you plugged the core into a USB header on your MoBo). Select the H100i in that screen and you'll get a load more options...including cooling and such. Play about with those options to change the lighting.




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Keyboard Corsair K55 | Mouse Corsair Harpoon | Sound AKG 52 Headphones,

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