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Hi guys!

I got a samsung g9 5120x1440x 240hz, an aoc AG241QX 2160x1440 144hz, and an LG 4k Tv. And when i try to use even my g9 and aoc monitor together my pc doesnt really now what to do, when i turn my pc on, and there are this 2 monitors plugged in, i got a black screen on my main (g9) monitor, while my secoundary works as it shoud, in horizontal, 1440p 144hz. And i have to pull my aoc monitor out from the gpu, and plug it back, for it to work properly, but when i do that, it works.
If i try plugging in my 4k tv as well, basicly every monitor starts turning on and off.

Im using displayport cables for my g9 and my aoc monitors, and an hdmi 2.0 for my 4k tv.

Do you guys have any tips, what should i try to do? I tried updating nvidia drivers, but to no avail.

My setup:

Ryzen 5 5600x
EVGA RTX 3080 ftw3
Kingston fury black 16gb 3200 MHz
Toughpower Grand RGB 850W Gold

Any help is welcome!

pl. sorry for my english, not a native speaker

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This should be one of those things that just works. Given that it's not working plug and play, I'd assume it's a software issue of some sort. Try running DDU and reinstalling the Nvidia driver and see if that fixes the issue. Make sure to run DDU in safe mode, and don't just hit "clean install" in the driver installer, it only removes half the driver files whereas DDU removes all of them. 

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