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Completed EKWB Corsair 1000D Build - Loop Advice Please

Hey all!

So I finished this build and I love it. It's extremely fast. 

FE 3090
32 Core Threadripper
EKWB Quantum Reflection 1000D
Samsung Pro M.2's
Full EKWB Water Cooling
Asus Zenith II extreme alpha

Here's what I would like help with.

I'm not happy with my loop layout. I see all of these great builds with straight hardline runs and for the life of me, I wasn't able to figure that out with this build. I would prefer the lines went straight to the CPU and GPU from the Quantum Reflection distro plate as this distro plate was made for this exact case. The water-cooling blocks are all EKWB, so shouldn't straight runs be possible? Right now I have two places where there's a rat's nest of fittings, etc. and this just makes me nervous as more fittings and turns = a higher chance something will leak or go wrong. I added some pictures and I'm sure it's hard to give advice here. I just thought someone else with this combination of components might see this and be able to help.









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I'm not usually a fan of those EK FE blocks, but damn does that look good in that system. I have no idea what your talking about with the loop layout not being great, that thing looks awesome. Be proud of that system, it looks sick

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Yeah, the system looks great. The only thing I could improve is that GPU adapter. CableMod makes a custom 12-pin that would fix that up quite nicely.


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LoL, funny. Okay, okay. I'll live with this for a while and see how it strikes me. Thank you.

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