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Annoying crash/freeze when entering or switching to Fullscreen programs

Upon entering a Fullscreen game or Alt + Tabbing back to desktop or back into the game, the Computer can sometimes freeze. When it does, it becomes unresponsive and needs a restart. The screen goes dimly lit and sound is still able to be heard. Here are my specs:
Ryzen 5 3600 (Stock Cooler)
8x2 3200 mHz Corsair Vengance LPX
500GB WD Blue SSD (SATA III) + 250 GB Hard Drive (I don't remember the brand it's from my old PC)
AsRock B450M Pro4
SeaSonic S12III 650W
The Crashes occur when booting up programs from both drives so I do not think it's a problem with one of the drives. Neither the CPU or the GPU are overclocked, the RAM is operating at 3200 mHz.

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What about the processor's temperature while pressing alt+tab? Make sure you manually set the memory frequency to 3200MHz inside the BIOS. The memory modules are installed into slot's A2/B2 as well.

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