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Computer not turning on after installing new motherboard

Right so I brought I whole lot of bits for my computer PSU (Corsair 850W good something), Motherboard (ASU’s Tuf z390 plus gaming) and Graphics card (3070ti Suprim X) I installed it all the find out it wasent showing signs of any power no light nothing, so I changed out my new motherboard for my old one (Asrock b360-HDV) and it turned on working fine so the PSU and Graphics card should be fine right? So I made a repair ticket and sent back the motherboard… BOX come back and say it is deemed at not faulty so then send it back to me. About 3 weeks later when I can be bothered to install it and I put all the bits in and no surprise it doesn’t not turn on still! Idk if I’m plugging stuff in wrong but everything seems fine, I can add in pictures if you want me to of my front panel connectors I got a Corsair 465x btw but I need this to be fixed or something :/

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First Check if your motherboard comes with an LED indicator or not. If there's no LED, then connect your PSU, GRAPHICS, CPU & RAM to the motherboard. Dont install the cooler & data drives at this time. After that try switching it on. When the PSU fans start spinning, then Touch the CPU directly with your finger. If the CPU is heating up, then your Motherboard might be fine. And your RAM might be acting up.

This will work if you have an LED or No LED indicator on the board.

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I have got LED signals I think? When I just plug in my psu cable no lights come on or nothing…


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Yes you have LED on the board. Try doing the steps that i have written above.

Remember you gotta turn on that switch near the LED after connecting your PSU.


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To get power to the motherboard you should have connected the 24 pin cable and the 8 pin on the top left part of the motherboard.




Just double check the cable connections

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Yes, I have done that a cable called cpu on it to the top left then the 24 pin one obviously in the biggest slot

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Update: literally unplugged and plugged everything in still no power 😕 can someone else please join this and help me ?

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Have you tried jumping the pwr pins instead of using the power switch on the case?

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Where are the pwr located on this motherboard? And how do I jump it? For now I have my old motherboard installed until I can get it fixed 

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For clearing the jumper:

There are those 2 pins as in the image  posted by @immanicguy. There must be a piece of plastic (or jumper) mounted on those 2 pins. Take that jumper out to reset the BIOS and then put it back.

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To jump the power pins instead of using the pre-installed power button on the board, Look for a set of 9-pins on the board labelled as Front IO or Front Panel. It will include 2 Power Pins. Now take a piece of small, long metal piece and short those 2 pins with it.

Try a youtube tutorial for this. Because it might not be easy for you if you havent done it before.

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