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Fractal Torrent rear fan

Hi everyone

 So today I got my new Fractal Torrent case. 

The question is about fans. 2x 180mm fans on front and 3x 140mm fans are included on the bottom.

No fan is included in the rear of a case.

I know this is an airflow case but would adding an additional 140mm fan on the rear make airflow even better than it already is? 

Would it effect any temperatures? 

If yes then how much?
ALSO, would the vertical mount of GPU improve it's temperatures?

Thank you ☺️


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Top-to-bottom or front-to-back airflow is usually best. You want smooth, unobstructed flow through the case where possible. I'd move at least one of the bottom fans to the back. Or add another if you prefer that route.


Overall effect on temperature will depend on what other hardware you're putting in the case.

Be sure to QUOTE or TAG me in your reply so I see it!


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Test it first and see how your temps are.  I doubt you're going to have cooling issues with the stock config.

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