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Im stuck on 60hz on my new PS5

Hi guys,


I have trouble getting 120hz on my new PS5.

I am using the HDMI 2.1 cable that came in the PS5 box.

My monitor is a XG248Q and from ASUS website it says that it CAN support 1080p 120hz on the PS5. (i know the monitor can only run HDMI 2.0 but from i have seen on their website, that shouldnt be the problem)



I have also enabled the performance mode on the PS5.

I have disabled freesync/adaptive-sync on the monitor aswell


It doesnt matter what game i try, it stays at 60hz at all times.

On my old Xbox it ran 120hz so im a bit lost...


Im trying to run Fifa 22 and i have tried with the previous versions aswell and still the same result. 


I hope you guys can see what the problem might be and thanks in advance!

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