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surface pro broken usb driver

my surface pro 6 USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller driver suddenly stopped working, making only the touch screen usable
tried reinstalling it trough device manager to no avail
tried to reinstall windows, but the setup gets stuck after restarting, and i cant use the touchscreen at that part of the setup
both the usb controller and touchscreen work in bios 
any ideas?

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Did you use the Windows Media Creation tool when installing windows?  If not, try the tool and during the process of the installation you will be given the opportunity of deleting partitions.  Delete all the partitions and then click next to begin the install process.  BE WARNED: THIS WILL PERMANENTLY DELETE/REMOVE ALL FILES FROM THE DRIVE.  Since this process removes everything from the drive, it will therefore reinstall all the drivers, including the USB and touchscreen drivers, to the machine.  If this doesn't work, then you have more problems than you originally thought.  Good Luck.


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