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Protection for fiber optic line

I just bought a new home with fiber internet. Yay! I needed the cable from the street moved so it runs to the basement instead of one of the bedrooms. One issue with this is the thin cable is now running across a brick wall and is low enough to the ground that there’s the potential of it accidentally being damaged by lawn equipment, etc.


Does anyone know of the best way to protect the cable from damage? I thought about using some flexible hose to protect it, but I thought I would get more input.



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Conduit? They make coverings for wire that will work here.


Can you replace the fibre? They make rugged cables.

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I was surprised they didn’t use more rugged cabling. It would probably be difficult for me to replace the cable the way it’s installed. I found some U shaped conduit I’m going to try out.

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7 hours ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

Can you replace the fibre? They make rugged cables.

I'd say almost certainly no, the cable will be owned by the provider and a single continuous piece all the way back to their aggregation node.  I don't think most people have a fusion splicer in their garage anyway. 😉


Heck, if its a PON you could take down all your neighbours messing with it or blind yourself looking at the laser.  Ideally you shouldn't even unplug it from your ONT/router.

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