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Google Chrome's address bar doesn't wanna function anymore

I just installed a new copy of Windows 10 and I opened Google Chrome to search something. I came across this annoying error where whenever I type something that is a single word it adds a slash '/' infront of it (treating it as a URL). If I type a multi-word search and hit enter, it just wont search at all.

And also when I search a single word like "hello" without the inverted commas, and press enter. Firstly, chrome just adds a slash '/' at the end and gives me an error because it's trying to convert it into a URL I think. 

Please help me :(( Im suffering

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Have you tried uninstalling Chrome and then do a reinstall?  Make sure you reboot the machine after the uninstall and before the reinstall to get rid of junk left behind from the uninstall.  At least I do it that way IMHO.

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