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I found a old PC (2000) and I remove the parts and cleaned it and reassemble it. After I assemble it I powered it on (using motherboard because the case power button didn't work) the PC powered on but the monitor doesn't got any signal (the monitor indicator LED turned Orange) I checked plunging into a another monitor using a new cable, but the result was same.

Is it a problem with the VGA??


The CPU and the RAM is getting hot when I turn on the motherboard and the HDD and floppy disk, DVD drive is emitting Green light.


The VGA is GW905A (Can somebody tell me what is the model of the VGA and also the slot)


Specs of the PC



32mb RAM


With Network card, sound card, floppy disk, DVD drive

With old (working) monitor, keyboard and mouse (keyboard is using PS/2 port)


And for what price I can sell this PC (after I solve the problem)??



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it's ancient hardware so worthless these days not worth a hustle unless you like this sort of thing

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