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Why does YouTube favor livestreams.

I've heard YouTube favors livestreams. What might be the reason for this?

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If Google favors one thing over another, then it probably makes them more money than the alternative. So I'd assume live streams generate more profits then pre-recorded videos (e.g. through Super Chats). With pre-recorded video their only income is from ads (which can be skipped and/or blocked).

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Simply because livestreams cause more watchtime and interaction.


This video besides the main point also explains why livestreams tend to be a creator's highest revenue generating video type:



i.e. it's not "youtube favors livestreams", it's "people favor livestreams" and so YT does too. 

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mmm  I must for the first time join a livestream  to see if my ABP is upto the job   thanks

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