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Dual monitor, Separate audio help

I'm running windows 10,  the cables out of a 2080, hdmi cable to a lg tv, display port to an acer monitor.   Is there a way to have the audio for monitor one to play through monitor ones speakers, while the audio from monitor two plays through monitor twos speakers.  Pretty much, I want to watch Netflix, youtube, dvd, or blu ray on my tv, streamed from my computer, while playing whatever on my computer and have the audio come from the appropriate place  

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Open up the Windows settings, go to System > Sound > scroll down to "Advanced sound options" and click on "App volume and device preferences". From there you can choose separate output devices for different applications.





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I've been doing that.  I was curious if there was a way to have the audio for HDMI 1 to play on that monitor while the audio for DisplayPort 1 plays on that monitor automatically.   

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