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fans running full speed at idle

Randomly my fans running full speed during 4-5 seconds when my computer goes idle and then the fans keep running full speed every 3-4 minutes for 4-5 seconds.
What's the problem?


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Couldn't say without some detail. Full system specs? What fans? What are they plugged into? We can start there. 


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ryzen 2700x, rx 580, corsair fans plugged into corsair commander pro

while browsing the temps are 38 celsius for the cpu and 45 for the gpu.


The fans goes crazy only at idle, while I'm playing the fans are quiet.

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2700X has a boost of 4.350ghz with a v-core of roughly 1.5v. So at idle, per core spikes are pretty high on Zen+. Pretty natural. 


You can adjust your fan profile either in bios or the OC software for whatever board you are using. 

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1 hour ago, EpselonZero said:

Do you know why the core spikes only at idle?

Be sure to quote or @ someone to pop up in their notifications.


Generally they spike because of some process, even moving a window or the mouse around. It's ryzen's aggressive boost that causes it. If only one core is being used it'll boost extremely high vs multiple cores being used. Not a bad thing for performance.


You can try tuning the fan sensitivity so the spikes don't cause it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I know it been 2 weeks, but I have an update.
I found that the fans spin at full speed right after my pc wake from sleep mode, and I realize that my pc goes in sleep mode like 1 sec and then wake up itself immediately so after every 15 minutes I heard the fan spins.

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