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MSI RTX 3060 Ti Ventus 3X OC - 30% fan speed or nothing, no in-between?


So I'm doing a build for a friend and the fan curve on the 3060 Ti is driving me nuts. So for context, I'm very familiar with MSI afterburner etc., been building PC's for years.


The default fan behaviour (with latest drivers installed, before you ask) - fans stay stopped up to 60c then fans suddenly kick in to 30%, which is very loud, temps drop down to like 57c, fan sticks at 30%. They stay at 30% even for quite a while after you've stopped the GPU load and the card has dropped all the way down to the mid 30c's. It's like it's on some timer, where it keeps the fans at 30% for an extra 30s even when the card has cooled off, then suddenly they will stop, no incrementing below 30%


So basically the default fan profile is just jet engine, or off. 30% may not sound high, but on this card 30% is very loud and is way overkill. I mean at 30% the card struggles to even get back up to 60c...


When setting up a fan curve in afterburner, it shows the dotted line on the fan curve at 30% speed, which I swear isn't normally shown for a card which supports 0rpm?


Anyway, whatever you do in afterburner, you cannot get rid of this behaviour. The card only follows your fan curve after it has reached 60c. For example, if you make a flat fan curve at say 60% fan speed, the fans will be off when cool, until it hits 60c, then instantly go up to 60%.


Help! Tried all the settings in afterburner and tried messing around in MSI's pointless dragon centre. Also tried ASUS' and EVGA's GPU software's for a laugh.

3770k @ 4.4Ghz @ hotter than the Sun

Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2


16GB Avexir Venom 2133

Strix 980 Ti with intel heatsink fans cable tied to it

Gamemax F15

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I'm just posting to bump this as I'd like to know the resolution. 


I have never experienced that at all. Been messing with a FE 3060TI and the fan curve is interesting but the card is really quiet. 


Which version of the card do you have ? 

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