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Low Gpu Usage Nvidia 3080Ti


Just got my New Gpu (3080Ti) and I'm struggling to get full usage out of it. when i jump into cod i only get around 60% and it renders between 120-150 i have a 144hz monitor with that last 30% im sure it could peg it at max rate.


GPUz states its a  Vrel performance cap?? 


I have a 3700x which i know isn't the best gaming cpu but should be capable and doesn't seem to be being maxed?


Is there some hidden setting that can just get it to max it out. 


I have a worse issue with League of Legends when the game loads its rendering at 600fps but this soon drops down to sub 150s and GPUz says its in idle.. again anyway to wake it up?? 


i have clean reinstalled the drivers i have tried power settings that i can find.


running 1440p 144hz. 


Any insight would be great






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Hello Tom, 


Just coving things off, which slot in the mobo is it in, have you checked the bandwidth in your bios ? 


That's quite strange as when I've had that in the past its due to the CPU being pegged at 100% or an older that cannot use the resources no reason COD should struggle. My first though was maybe it's G-sync but that doesn't quite add up either. 

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