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Cyberpunk ps5 Massive drops

Was playing for a while just after killing Royce in all foods. Could of been getting 3 fps. I heard there is a memory leak in this game where performance tanks after a while playing. It almost sounded liek the game was going to freeze and give the high pitch thing when Computers look up . I restarted and went away. can anyone confirm  ?

I9 9900k Hyper Evo Black 

2080 ti Strix Asus Maximus XI Hero 

32gb Hyper X Predator  

Lian Li Lancool2 

500 gb Samsung NVME 

Asus Asus Rog 850 Thor

Alienware AW3420DW 


RIG #2 

EVOC  x1702I (Clevo X170KM-G )

I7 10700k 

3080 16gb stock 

500 gb NVME

16gb Kingston Fury Impact 3200hz

1080p IPS 300hz GSYNC

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