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Drivers stop working/fails to load after powering down PC for few hours


Hi all! 

Been experiencing this particular annoying yet worrying problem since yesterday. 


2 days ago out of the blue, my Windows refuse to boot as per normal to my desktop after the boot logo (of my motherboard) and my monitor remains black although the PC is still evidently running. (Fans spinning etc.)

After force restarting, to my surprise, everything was normal and my PC was able to boot to my desktop, but it appears that Windows couldn't load my graphics driver, hence I couldn't run any programs that required my GPU. In Device Manager, it states that Windows has failed to load drivers.

Thinking it is probably a one time thing/problem, I ran DDU in safe mode, cleaned and restarted. I then downloaded a fresh copy of the drivers, and proceed to reinstall them. Everything worked well afterwards, with me using the computer occasionally here and then without any hiccups.


However, after leaving the computer turned off for an extended period of time (around 4 hours), it appears the problem resurfaces again and I have to do the steps as mentioned above to be able to run programs that require my GPU again. 


May I know if anyone has any ideas what is going on? 



EDIT: Using ASROCK B450M-HDV with Ryzen 2600X and a Asus RX580 8GB DDR5 if that matters.

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