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Refurbished enterprise prebuilds - which one to choose?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a pc for my grandfather. I settled on these 3. (Sorry for Czech links).

Which one to choose in terms of compatibility? I know that enterprise PC's are kinda picky about components. 









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The best would probably be the HP EliteDesk 800G2

All three have custom power supplies, but the HP systems are well documented and you can find adapter cables to get a standard atx psu to power the system.

The Lenovo is fine, but has a small power supply, 280 watts I think which will be a problem should you want to add a dedicated video card. If you leave it like that, it would be fine.


The Fujitsu is fine otherwise, and it would be great if it came with 2 sticks of ram but I suspect it would come with a single stick of 8 GB.

The cpu - i5 6400t is a bit slow (it's the low power version of 6400) ,it says only 2.2 ghz -- the fujitsu website says it can support up to i5 6700 so there is some room to upgrade... but the HP comes with i5 6500 which is much faster maybe 20-30% faster.





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