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Pc goes to bios on startup

A friend of mine brought a pc to me in order to find out why its going to bios on startup.


When i power up the pc, the motherboard logo appears and then it goes to bios without me touching anything.


All boot functions are greyed out (boot priority, boot override, boot configurations etc).


The motherboard is a Gigabiyte B360M HD3 i believe

The CPU is a i7 8700 


If i go to sata configuration tab, both hardrives show up there with no problems.


If i press f12 before the pc enters bios, it gives me the boot menu which has 2 blank and selectable entries. 


I tried loading system defaults, didnt work.


I tried different sata ports, changed sata cables, nothing worked. 


I also tried to do a startup repair with a win 10 bootable usb drive,  no issues were found.


What should i do?

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44 minutes ago, leclod said:

Reinstall windows

Yes, that was my thought as well but after some more time looking into this i found that there are 3 drives, not 2 as i suspected.


2 harddrives and 1 sata ssd. All drives show up in bios but the ssd drive with windows on it doesnt show in the windows setup page. I plugged in the ssd drive to my own system and it works fine, however it will not show up in the windows instalation page.

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Disconnect the 2 hdds,

Is the ssd an M.2 drive ? if yes, there might be 2 M.2 slots on that motherboard. Both might not be Sata compatible.

If not, how could you miss it ? try different sata ports


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I've finally fixed it. I had to update the bios, change the ssd from MBR to GPT and then delete partitions and remake them and finally was able to both install a new windows and boot from it.


I still dont know why  the SSD wasnt showing as bootable before and why all boot configuration in bios were greyed out. No idea what happened with this pc.


Anyway, its fixed now. Ty @leclod for your help thus far

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Ok, great,

I thought this was a defect working pc,

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