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Mechanical Keyboards recommendations - Looking at the Keychron K8

Hi, I'm looking for mechanical keyboard recommendations, please.

Sadly, I really don't have time for anything custom, as gorgeous as custom boards are I need a board pretty quickly and I work around 94hrs a week so even a spare hour is tough.

  • I love MX browns (tactile)
  • I'll be using it a Lot for work (general typing) and also all types of gaming
  • Needs to be open design around the switches for easy cleaning (I have a lot of pets, no amount of cleaning stops pet hairs getting stuck under the keys)
  • TKL
  • Wired for gaming and Bluetooth for working

I was looking at the Keychron K8 but the reviews are; "It's a nice entry/budget mech board that needs mods to make it nice". But I can't find anything else that ticks all the boxes, not from brands I've heard are good anyway. 

Any recommendations or ones to avoid would be helpful, thank you.

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