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Does a lower temperature mean I can further lower voltage?

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Nope. Lower temperatures does not mean you can run lower voltages.

My CPU is already undervolted, and this was mainly done due to my terrible quality thermal paste. An all-core load gets me to around 80c. I know that more heat means more resistance, but does this mean that an already lower temperature would allow further undevolting? I'm not asking for advice about how I should replace my thermal paste, I know I should, and I will, but I'm just curious. Like, if my CPU right now at 80c can be stable at 1.28v, would there be a chance of stability at 1.26 if I had a better cooler? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but it sounds plausible enough in my head that it might be worth asking

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Nope. Lower temperatures does not mean you can run lower voltages.

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