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Help Connecting Mic To Rear Panel Creating Noise

So heres the problem, I'm using a mic for meeting and I notice that there is a strong noise on the background. At the first I thought it was my mic, but after do some experiment it was my PC itself. Even when I mute the mic it still create that noise, so it's clear that the problem came from the PC. When I plug an aux extension cable it still makin that noise. Change to a different mic, still same result. Unless if I connect it to an audio interface the noise is gone.

Is this some grounding issue or it just the ampifier on the motherboard creating that noise. 

By the way my pc doest shock me when I touch the case so my pc and my house have a good grounding.


Mobo : Aorus B450 Elite

Mic : Rode Video Micro

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Ok this is (Literally speaking)  a failed connection between [A Mic] and [A mic Port]
The [static] is an [AutoSense] of the mics impedance/resistance. 

This means the [Mic] is not making [a Full circuit]
or the [Soundcard] isnt. (for whatever reason)

I Would troubleshoot this: By using the mic in a laptop/tablet/phone or otherwise to see if it- itself works.

If it does: Theres some issue with the sound card in the PC.
If it doesnt: Mic is broken.

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