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Asus Zephyrus G15 factory reset

I noticed that my Zephyrus G15 had not so nice battery life, so I gave it a fresh Windows install. No more Armory Crate or any of those diagnostic programs. However, I see that in Task Manager or any other sort I no longer see my graphics, integrated or discrete. (It does say Ryzen 5900HS with Radeon graphics but that's it) I also can't install new drivers through Geforce Experience, it says "Unable to download recommended driver" and no matter how many times I refresh or restart it won't do anything. I tried downloading Nvidia drivers from the Asus website but that did a great big nothing. Did I mess something up in re-installing Windows? Is this standard fare for doing that? Is there nothing to worry about? I'm going to college in a week so I need answers NOW.

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