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Microphone too quiet at %100 and 30+ Db

So i recently installed voicemod, and found when I installed it an altered my settings to make it my default input. I found my mic was really really quiet to the point where to sound normal I had to have my mic two centimetres from my mouth. I naturally got annoyed with this so uninstalled voice mod, and now my Realtek headphones/microphone which I made my default input again are also now painfully quiet. Talking with my mic at normal distance is so quiet, and the red line in the image marks how loud it gets. I turned the microphone and boost up to max and its still pathetic, and all this started with installing Voicemod.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this please let me know. As this is a issue with my whole PC now, as when I tried my PCs built in microphone it too was equally quiet. Thank you. THIS IS A LAPTOP WITH ONLY ONE SIDE AUDIO PORT. INSPIRION 15 7000 GAMING LAPTOP


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I have a similar issue when I use front panel connectors. If this a desktop, try rear IO ports.

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sound control panel, select your input properties, check for boost settings/gain etc itll be there somewhere.

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