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eGPU disconnects dedicated laptop GPU - Can you run both


Can you have 2 gpu's running different screens on a laptop (external and the integrated monitor)? Any help is appreciated.



When I connect the egpu to external monitors it works great, but if I want to use the laptop screen in addition to the external display, the integrated intel graphics runs the laptop screen as the dGPU (GTX1650Ti) is 'disconnected' whilst the eGPU (GTX 1660 Super) is running the external monitors.

I can disable the Intel Graphics and then the eGPU will run the laptop display, but it won't let me run the laptop display via the dedicated laptop GPU (GTX1650Ti).


I am running a dell XPS 15 with a razer core x chroma.

Dell XPS 15:


16GB Ram

GTX 1650Ti

Razer Core x Chroma

GTX 1660 super

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Welcome to the forums!

I don't think you will be able to use both at the same time because of the way that the BIOS of those eGPUs work.

Hope I could help!

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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