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SSD not reflecting acurate Used space to windows.

OKAY so i have a SSD its a few years old now, but it is lightly used.

Sandisk SSDA120g

IT shows used 30GB, 80gb free in windows.

I attempt to add 72.7 gigs worth of files on it.

it gets to 35 GB, tells me that the destination drive is full.

I look it shows 128MB free

I verify the file contents that copy over as 35g(according to file properties when i select all of them, not in any folders)

Delete said 35g as selected shows 80gb free.


Tried two diffent computers to see if it was something with the windows install.

Reached out to tech support and they said "huh, thats wierd"



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Are they lots of small files or mainly big ones? Allocation unit size could account for the difference in file size and actual size on disk. 

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if you right click all the files you are copying over and select properties, it should list 'size' and then also say 'size on disk'. let us know what both those numbers are

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Posted (edited)

mostly big files, size on disk matches the size within a few thousand bytes

About 1gb per file



Edited by Zekracken
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then try copying them over in smaller chunks. dont copy everything together.. do maybe 20gb each time and wait for the whole thing to be done before you start the next part. it could be some sort of weird caching thing going on internally. 

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