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Help Epic games launcher verifying game Files Again and again!

Salam (Hello) Guys, I recently opened up my epic games account with a GTAV on it, I started downloading it on my Local Disk (D) with a free space of 150 Gb at the moment of initiating the installation of the game, Everything was fine until 74 GB of data being downloaded then came the problem the epic games launcher encountered a error that there's no enough space to install the game despite of 150 GB free on the disk , As a precaution I copied all my Game files onto another disk, when I restarted the epic games launcher it started from 107 GB (Which is annoying) then I copied those back up files (74 GB) into the original directory of the game then restarted the installer and it started verifying Once finished it resumed from the previous point where it gave error So after the downloading for an hour  I restarted my pc then opened the launcher it again verified the games files and the progress I made in that hour was GONE (more annoying) and its now stuck in that loop.

Please Help I have a 2 mbps Internet connection downloading it again is very hard for me.





bandicam 2021-08-05 03-26-11-725.jpg





bandicam 2021-08-05 03-28-36-805.jpg





bandicam 2021-08-05 03-29-13-253.jpg




bandicam 2021-08-05 03-29-26-924.jpg


Epic launcher:


bandicam 2021-08-05 03-41-11-278.jpg

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