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BSOD's and most games crashing

I bought a new i9 9900k processor, and 32gb ram, with a z390 gaming edge AC mobo about 3 months ago, everything seemed to be running fine then out of nowhere i started getting a ton of BSOD,
Anytime i try to load almost any game, it will crash after 5-10 minutes of playing it, and i've had many BSOD's different error codes, most common is memory management error

I have tried to only use 1 stick of ram, in every slot, out of the 4 sticks i have now, no matter what it's giving me the error (this is with the old ram as well) i've switched between my old mobo and processor and the new one multiple times, and nothing seems to be working, i recently have tried to switch OS to my other hard drives, and that doesn't appear to be working, i'm at a loss of what it might be, i've updated the BIOS on the new Mobo as well.
The crashes can occur at any point, doesn't matter how miniscule of a task i'm doing, sometimes it'll do it when trying to play a game, other times i'm just sitting at the desktop looking through documents, I know a small amount about computers, but nothing to be able to fix this, i do not have another graphics card to test to see if it's that or not. 
Right now i have my old mobo, and processor in, with every stick of ram i own as well. so the bios version is oudated, but it was still doing it with the newest bios version on my new motherboard. so i don't think it can be that
I've had these BSOD's that i can remember:




I am desperate for help right now, i can't seem to figure out what the issue is, sorry for the rambling, and longer post, but i've tried a lot, even some things i've not listed.
My Psu is 850w gold, and a GTX Nvidia 1080ti 

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