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Hi. Im planning on upgrading my old i7 6700k. Over time I want to upgrade the GPU too, but for now I want to just do the CPU, motherboard, and maybe RAM and PSU.

Current setup:
MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

i7 6700k

DDR4 16GB 3000MHz

Zotac Mini 2070 super

Corsair RM750X

Force MP510 960GB

Corsair Hydro H110i

Fractal Design Define C Temp G

I have looked at the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X with MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS, but can I still use my Corsair RM750x for this build or do I need a new PSU?

Any other suggestions on upgrade? Budget around 800-900 USD (CPU, Motherboard, and PSU/RAM if needed). I think I want to swap the H110i for a aircooler too. 


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You can reuse the PSU just fine.


I would suggest getting a 16GB (or 32GB) of 3600mhz cl16 RAM. This is the sweet spot for Ryzen and it is much more dependent on fast RAM than Intel, so you'd definitely see extra performance compared to the 3000mhz RAM.


For an air cooler, you should get a higher end one instead of a more budget cooler. Something like a Scythe Fuma 2 or a Noctua DH-15 would be suitable. The 5800x chips run notoriously hot compared to other Zen 3 CPUs, so it's definitely recommended. Make sure to check compatibility with your case beforehand though.

The more I learn, the more I realise I don't actually know anything. 


Recommendations: Lian Li 205m (sleek, pretty decent airflow for a non-mesh front panel and cheap), i5-10400f (Ryzen 5 3600 performance, 20% cheaper), Arctic P14 PWM fans, Logitech g305.


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I agree with @tishoushere

Upgrade Ram too.

So 5800X, good Motherboard (like the MSI B550 Gaming Plus, AsRock B550 Steel Legend or Gigabyte Aorus B550 Elite) and a good kit of Ram and you will be set for the next few years. For cooling, I'd go good aircooler too. You don't need to go as high end as the DH-15, but a solid aircooler like the be quiet Dark Rock 4, noctua 12s or something like that should keep your CPU cool and also you ram will still fit!

The DH-15 is a big boy and causes a lot of trouble with clearance issues.

But you could also just keep the AIO. If you mount it correct, it will last more than 7 years. And if it still works good, no need to upgrade cooling. Just add a bit of thermal paste and you should be good to go!

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So I found some ram sticks I think im gonna go for, the Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3600MHz 16GB.


Im sticking with the MSI B550 unless some other good board shows up with a good offer.

And of course the 5800X, cuz its about the only good AMD in stock where I live.

Now, the cooler. Yes I could keep the AIO, I guess it will perform OK, only drawback is the pump noise tho. Could eventually just upgrade it later. 
BUT: I got it mounted to my Intel, and all the parts I got with it is thrown away.



Is this kit the only thing I will need to move the AIO from my Intel to the new AMD?


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