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Win10 Home 64 update crashed all my drives

Ever since the win update that effect x570 motherboards, I have been try to keep my system from forgetting c drive.


And now all my drives have the, "drive doesn't have space error," while forgetting where the os is installed at.


My pc specs

X570 aorus master wifi

Ryzen 9 3900

16 gb ram

3 1TB m.2 drives ssd (os on m.2a slot)

2 1TB 2.5 drives ssd

1 10TB 3.5 drive hdd


$1300 of drives now paperweights.


This system was a b-day gift to me, after my previous system had a motherboard failure with the fx-6300 processor. With a 6-7 months gap between from one failure to the next system built.

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Can you show a picture of this error? When do you see if? What update number is the issue? Should have a KB number?


Do you have backups for all your data? Do that first.

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The only error code I get is when I tried to reinstall win10 and gives the nsf space code for all my drives, so basically means all my drives are dead. None of the 6 drives will work, all will show the same nsf code for space.

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