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Is a high end GPU necessary with FSR tech being adopted

Most gamers with low end budget can skip all the fancy high priced GPU and just stick with an older GPU running 1440P with FSR enabled. If you don't game on 1440P, that's even better for you in terms of getting better FPS and not much reduction in texture quality. Wanted to see what people think here because why should anyone buy a $1,000 GPU when you can almost get the same gaming experience with just a 1660TI on FSR (if the games support it)? And just my speculation, it seems that most games would want to support FSR. Thoughts?

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There will always be a market for high end gpu's, there are people who buy that stuff. Those who spend such an obscene amount of money would generally gravitate towards native res, or maybe they would pixel peep, and try to find out blurry details which would otherwise be extremely hard to tell... Or they would use DLSS when absolutely necessary. As for something like 1660ti on fsr, it does have it's limits, it's an amazing experience for us, but for them it's less than what they crave for. There are people who want a tier of performance that just isn't possible with the combination of a mid tier gpu with fsr. (this is just speculation on my part, I don't own any "gaming-worthy" hardware, or have every gamed on anything other than integrated gpu's)


And btw, just as an interesting piece of info, games don't HAVE to support FSR, or lemme rephrase, you don't have to wait till game devs do that. Wanna know why? Windows games on Linux can now use FSR. It works for almost all games except from the ones that have fsr built in, or some other upscaler. So maybe budget gamers can now gravitate towards Linux, because for the vast majority of games, they will work better on Linux due to FSR support for almost every game that runs using proton. I would love to see if FSR support becomes available for all intel GPU's on Linux (I dunno if it already is). Then I could run my games even better.

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I think it's entirely possible that game developers will take that performance increase into account for the next generation of games. They'll use the extra performance to increase visual quality instead of just giving you higher frame rates. Meaning FSR will essentially be required to play at acceptable performance, just like some games with DXR right now "require" DLSS to be enabled to get playable frame rates. So higher end cards will still be a thing for high resolution etc.

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