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Blender Work: 3070ti vs 3080 vs 3080ti

My system:

  • Cooler Master NR200

  • Asus B550i Strix

  • Ryzen 5900x

  • Crucial B. 32gb 3600C16

  • Asus Vega 64

  • Corsair SF 750

  • Dell S3220DGF

Basically, I need to upgrade my GPU asap for Blender, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, After Effects, and Premiere. I was set on an RX 6800 XT (for SAM) but the Blender performance and driver issues have really put me off. Some important points:

  • I've made my mind up to purchase a card that's easy to deshroud, so my two options where I live (Malaysia) are MSI Ventus or Galax SG. All the Ventus are either way overpriced or not available, so only Galax for now.

  • I also plan on gaming on a 3440x1440p Ultrawide in the future so I'm leaning towards a Galax 3080 (no stock at the moment) or a Galax 3080ti. I'm afraid that the 3070ti will not be good enough in the near future.

  • There's also the issue of the Corsair SF 750. I think it should be able to power a 5900x + 3070ti/3080, however, I'm worried that a 3080ti will be too much for it. I've even seen people suggesting an 850w PSU for a 3080.

Prices that I can get where I live:

RTX 3070ti (Galax): MSRP: $600 - Price: $1,019 - Increase: +70%

RTX 3080ti (Galax): MSRP: $1,200 - Price: $ 1,753 - Increase: +46%


I'm leaning towards the 3070ti because it is much more affordable (only worried about gaming performance), however, I'm leaning towards the 3080ti because of the lower price increase, so I feel less "scalped"?

I wish there was a Galax 3080 that I can compare with because that's probably what I would get if the price scaling was the same as these two. I would wait for a Galax 3080 but seeing as how the Crypto prices are increasing rapidly again, I'm worried if I wait too long, the GPU prices will become even more insane.


What do you guys think?

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i don't know how they differ in blender but taking into account, gaming, pricing, and the psu, i lean moderately toward the 3070ti, a 70% price increase for a 3080ti from the 3070ti is worth it only if you can take full use of it right away since it is scalper prices.

5950x 1.32v 5.05 4.55 82C 185w (still testing, likely not stable) R20 12k ll drp4 ll x570 dark hero ll gskill 4x8gb 3666 14-14-14-32-320-28-2T (zen doesn't like timings as much) 1.49v 45C 1.15v soc ll evga 1080ti hybrid (waiting on next gen) ll samsung 970 500gb nvme os ll sandisk 4tb ssd ll all nf12/14 fans ll tt gt10 case ll evga g2 1300w ll w10 pro ll 34GN850B ll x27 ll PA272w


9900k 1.36v 5.1avx 4.9ring 85C 185w (daily) 1.02v 4.3ghz 80w 50C R20 temps score=5450 ll D15 ll Z390 taichi ult 1.60 bios ll gskill 4x8gb 14-14-14-32-280-24 ddr3733  bdie 1.49v 45C 1.22sa/1.18 io  ll EVGA 2080 ti XC 1995//7600 325w 69C stock voltage (bad ocer) ll  8x nf12/14 fans 2x samsung 860 evo 500gb raid 0 ll 500gb nvme 970 evo ll Corsair graphite 780T ll EVGA P2 1200w ll Windows 10 Pro ll NEC PA242w (movie, work mon) 1080p 60hzll Predator X27 4k144 hdr (using at 4:4:4 98 fan is dying)



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Because of the PSU, I'd say either a 3070 or 3070Ti. A 3080 with it's power spikes honestly needs a really good 750w ATX unit or preferrably an 850w, but since it's a SFF PSU, they can't handle the power spikes as well and an 850w would be a requirement. The 3070 Ti should be enough for WQHD for at least the next two years, by which time you can probably get a decent deal on a 3080/3090 and not pay scalp prices

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Thanks all for your advice.
Just found a Zotac Trinity OC
RTX 3080 (Zotac Tri OC): MSRP: $700 - Price: $1,256 - Increase: +79%
I'm so desperate that even though it's so insanely priced, I might go for this one. The other thing too is that although the GPU needs to be taken apart to deshroud, there are no "Warranty Void" stickers on Zotac cards so I feel pretty safe along with the 5-year warranty.
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