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Broke AIO power spitter due-dad. found something that seems to work want to make sure i am not screwing up.

Ok I have a Be-quiet pureloop AIO.  My power supply has been making bad nosies and is 5 years old so i got a new one.  While swaping it out i broke the Sata to dual 3 pin fan plug thing that powers the AIO.  (one line goes to pump one goes to coldplate and think just powers the light up logo thingy)...   Well being fri night i thinking i am screwed  but i go to mirocenter and see if they have the do-dad ..   Best i was able to find was this.   Fan splitter.   https://www.microcenter.com/product/471085/Fan_Cable_Adapter_Supports_3_PWM_Fans   I pluged in the molex and the 2 3 pin fan headers and they seem to power up  fine  i did not connect the 3 pin tor my mobo since the AIO manuals said not to put its 3 pins on mono since it wants full power all the time..    



Just need a sanity check that i am most likely safe here.   I will be calling Be quite on monday to see if they will sell me a new splitter..


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