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Chrome: Cookies resetting on some sites

Last year I built a new PC with a Ryzen 3400G and an SSD in it, obviously. I use Chrome as my browser on it and there's a small thing that bugs me, yet it isn't really a problem.

I often visit sites like Amazon and others on a daily/weekly basis. However, some sites prompt me to accept the cookies again and get logged out from time to time. How come?

I never changed any settings in Chrome and I don't run any extensions. The SSD still has plenty of space on it left. Amazon is one of the few sites that does this, while others never do it.

Just wondering about this, if there's no fix for it, it's okay though.


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If you go to the Chrome settings under "Cookies and other site data", when you scroll down you can see multiple sections where you can whitelist or blacklist domains. One of them is a blacklist where cookies get deleted every time you close the browser. Have you accidentally added Amazon to that blacklist?


Also, cookies do have an expiration date, so whenever that one gets reached, you get logged out, but as far as I can tell, Amazon usually has those session cookies set to expire after a year, but from the way it sounds, you experience that more often, so it probably isn't connected to that.

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