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Portable tabletop microphone stands

Hi everyone!


I'm thinking of getting a RØDE NT-USB MINI for video conferencing, and I'm looking for a rather portable tabletop stand for it.


A bit of context so that you understand my needs: I will be recording a presentation for an online conference during a time where I will be travelling. Because I especially want to sound good, I need a competent microphone that I can easily stash in my travel bag. I also need something that plug-and-play, because I can't install any driver software on my work computer - so it needs to sound great with no software configuration. That's why this mic seemed so good to me.


But there is one issue with the Mini, and that's how short the included stand is, which makes your voice sound very low while picking up a lot of background noise. Most reviewers complain that while it sounds great, it really needs to stand closer to your mouth, ideally on a boom arm. Boom arms are too big to pack and carry around, so I'm looking for a stand that can give it some height while remaining stable. RØDE's stand is fine, but doesn't look very portable. I was wondering if anyone can suggest something more portable, maybe a tripod-like stand that is easy to carry.


Now, I know some of you will ask, if I'm willing to carry two things, why not just get its big brother, the RØDE NT-USB - and that's a fair point, but the stand it comes in is very unpractical to travel. It doesn't fold in any way, so I'm trying to avoid it. But if you really think it's the better option, I'm open to it too.


Thank you all in advance for your advice!

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