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Router -> powerline adaptor -> switch -> pc/consol



Just moved to a new build in the UK which has fibre to the property. The router supplied is a bit rubbish so I wondered if the following would work


Router connected to powerline adaptors, which is connected to a switch, which is then connected to pc, console and work laptop. 


I'm not too concerned with speed at the moment. A reliable connection is the priority. 


In theory I believe this should work but grateful to know if others have tried this. 





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ideally the powerline ends should be on the same circuit. it can jump circuits (once it gets to your breaker box), but it can be less reliable.


source: i run powerline in this exact way 24/7 and have no issues with drop outs (mine are on the same circuit)


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Same here, ran the same setup for about 6 months because getting wires to were my consoles are was impossible and wifi reliability was shit. I was trading a lot of download speed (wifi was ~200/300 m/s while powerline would peak at 50 at most) but reliability was rock solid which is what I cared for the most. 

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