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Monitor not detecting PC

I got a second-hand PC, with a 970, FX 3600 and some lovely (but kind of old) hardware. The seller says that they "reset Windows 10 Pro" and that "It worked fine for them". We know the people and there not just selling me a broken system, but the monitor would not detect the Graphics card. The motherboard doesn't have any HDMI/Display/VGA/DVI ports so the graphics card is how it connects to the monitor. The monitor detects my laptop (with the same HDMI cable) fine, but won't detect the PC. Readout : "Could not find source, will boot to power saving mode in just a minute". When we turn the Computer on, the Graphics cards fans spin, so it is plugged in, but it doesn't work?? I think it might have something to do with that when Windows was rest, the graphics driver were removed. If so, then how do I fix the problem??


Look forward to hearing what you guys think

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Does the monitor show the mobo manufacturer symbol at startup? Does the monitor detect your PC when you try to boot to the BIOS?

I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! I'll try not to make mistakes, but if I do, sorry! Most of my responses are based on past experiences, or just plain guesses. If a post solves your issue, do mark it as solution, so as to help other people having the same issue who stumble upon your thread.

If I started a new shop, and named it "Shop", what would be your reaction? That's my reaction when people title their post as "Windows 11" or something shitty instead of something that actually describes what the thread is about. Only cool kids (dark mode users) can read this.

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