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ASRock Z97 Extreme 6 - PSU fan will spin for a second but then stop, motherboard refuses to power on.

Hello all!

I have an ASrock Z97 Extreme 6 with 32gb DDR3 1866 Ripjaws x, a 256gb Toshiba m.2 pcie 3 drive, an i7 4790k, and an R7 240 as a temporary gpu. When attempting to power on the system with any power supply I have available, the PSU fan will spin for a quick milisecond, then stop. I know the PSUs work, as they boot my other systems just fine. Ive made sure there's no corrosion, or any pins that are super bent. All the cables are fully seated. No obvious capacitors bursting or anything. All peripherals I plug in light up, but the motherboard just doesn't power on and start the system. I cannot tell what's wrong. Changing the CMOS or leaving it out doesn't help. When the PSU fan starts and stops, and I try to press power again, nothing will occur, requiring me to turn off and on the PSU again to reproduce it. There is no fan spin. Changing the bios doesn't seem to affect anything. Any ideas?

http://pcpartpicker.com/list/Mf3Zcc My build


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try disconnect everything and only start comp with MOBO and CPU

also remove MOBO from the case and try to start outside on a desk or something [could be short circut]

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