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Asus Flow X13 3050ti VR on a Samsung Odyssey Plus

Hi there. My Razer Blade 15 Adv 2018 with a GTX 1060 recently died on me and, seeming how I have a somewhat new beast of a desktop, I would love to downsize my laptop side of the equation. 


My needs are basically a 14 inch or smaller device that I can use for coding, but also be capable enough for VR and the occasional in person LAN that I go to. This is where the Flow come in...


It basically meets all my needs, I would just like to know if VR will work at all on the 3050TI. My only worry is that it only has 4 GB of VRAM and is clocked at 35W. I've seen people play VR on a 1650 TI MaxQ and have a decent experience, I just don't know what the wattages for that card are. I will mainly be playing Blade and Sorcery, STRIDE, Beat Saber, Pavlov, and Zero Caliber on the VR side.


I've also heard that WMR headsets don't give as many issues as Oculus running through the integrated GPU on the display output. I can't verify that myself, as the Blade was hooked direct to GPU, but at least from what I've read online that seems to be the case.


Would really appreciate some insight. Thanks in advance. :D

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It seems fine for low or medium settings, and those games aren't the most demanding you can play in VR so it seems to fit your needs well.

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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