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Help with Odd noise coming from PC case.

Hey all. I am hoping someone here has come across my issue before and knows if its worth investigating more and/or needs specific repairs. 
for about 2 days now I have been hearing an intermittent knocking sound from inside my case. not a cick...a knock. similar to what i imagine it would sound like if i was flicking the inside of the case with my finger. there is no regularity to the frequency in which the noise occurs and I cannot do anything with my pc to deliberately recreate the noise. i cannot isolate specifically what part is closest or the origin of the sound. i have check wires and other parts near fans and see no interference there where something may be getting smacked by a fan blade periodically. i was told the PSU may be the culprit but again, I am told it's likely the PSU will click but this is a much more noticeable noise much more similar to a knock than a click. Please let me know if you have any info to confirm a potential PSU problem or if this is something else. 

SPECS: ROG Strix GT35 G35 pre-built bought from local PC store. 

ASUS x-570 MOBO- not sure manufacturer 
Nvidia RTX 2070 Super GPU
AMD ryzen 7 3700x CPU
M.2 Boot SSD


2TB 7200 rpm HDD
PSU was put in by asus and is unlabelled i assume it is a proprietary part.

stock fan CPU cooler

Gskillz Ram 32 GB( 16x2 sticks)

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