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Hello guys,


I have this HP laptop here




and I'm thinking of taking out the standard 128gb ssd that came with it and putting it a new 1tb ssd and do a new install of windows 10 too.


I'm not really looking for amazing speed,I want it to be more budget oriented so a budget of 100-120 euro is max.


I am looking at this kingston ssd on sale from 150 to 100 euro here




speeds are way way faster than the similarly priced ssd at 100 euro.


what's your opinion on this buy? 

should I be looking at a different ssd? if so,why and what else do you recommend?






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Seems like a fine SSD, just make sure that the laptop supports a 1tb drive (should be found on HP's spec page for the laptop.)

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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