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What's the difference between these two cases? On the official website, TD 500 comes with 4 120mm pre-install fans while the mesh version comes with 3 (personally don't really care about ARGB or RGB). Both of them have dust filter one the front, top and bottom of the case. So where is/are the difference(s)?


p.s. please answer something on the technical side, don't say things like one is newer

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Specs look to be identical but the small differences I found were:

  • TD500 Mesh's front is... mesh, TD500's front is glass (i think?) with 2 small vents where the middle fan is mounted.
  • TD500 Mesh's PSU shroud has an opening on the the tempered glass side, while the TD500 doesn't.
  • TD500 Mesh's cable managment holes are with rubber while TD500's are completely open with some metal brackets covering them
  • The sidepanel has a slightly different design

Personally I'd prefer the mesh variant.

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The TD500 comes with a solid acrylic front panel, while the TD500 Mesh comes with a mesh front panel.

There is more to this, but if you want to have good airflow, go with the mesh version.

Note that there are two versions of the TD500Mesh : the old one, with noisy fans (DC), and the 2021 Upgrade version, that comes with Sickleflow PWM fans.
I didn't get to test the Sickleflow fans, but one can assume they are probably better than the older fans.

The SKUs are apparently unchanged, you'll have to ask the seller what version of the case this is.

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