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After installing new HDD, PC is acting weird + fans are always on 100% after they start spinning up (or at least sound like they are)

Installed a 6TB drive today, after that the PC started acting weird. To install the drive I had to remove GPU and PSU completely seeing I'm using CoolerMaster NR200 case.


After putting everything back together I also used a can of compressed air to get all the dust out. I turn the PC on and I heard loud buzzing, as if there's something grinding in one of the fans (my fan setup is obv CPU cooler fan, 2x bottom for intake, 2x top for outtake, 1x side for outtake, 1x back for intake), and the PC was stuck on BIOS load screen for a while (1-2 min). I shut it off and turned it on a couple of times, at one point I decided to let it sit at bios init, it finally went through after like 2+ mins and after that it was stuck on Windows loading for 2 min, after that it took like 1 min for Windows to log me on.


At that point I restarted the PC, everything booted up speedily and I thought all is good, let's get on with my day. Turns out not so much.


1) PC is quiet until there's a load applied, after that it cranks up to (I believe 100%) fan RPM and stays there even though the temperatures are great (CPU is at 40, GPU is at 45). As I'm typing it, it's been 20 minutes since I did anything even remotely demanding for the hardware and it's still as loud as if I was rendering a Premiere file at max speed.


2) In games the screen freezes sometimes. What's interesting is that I can alt tab and it'll immediately alt tab me back between the frozen game and other programs, meaning it's maybe GPU related.



So, what should I do to try and remedy this? This is honestly BIZARRE, I've never encountered something like this in all my years of using PCs.


PC configuration is as follows:


CPU: i5 11400


MOBO: Asrock H51M ITX

PSU : Corsair 600W SF600 SFX Gold small form factor, 80 PLUS Gold

GPU: RTX 2070

Drives: 1x M.2 500GB SSD, 1x 2.5" 1TB SSD, 1x 2.5" 2TB HDD, 1x 3.5" 6TB HDD

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Okay, after further investigation it seems that the fan that's going out of control is definitely the GPU fan.

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