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Hello my friends,

A few weeks ago i suddenly starting getting random freezes and only hitting the power button is the only solution unlesss i leave it around 5-10 mins and it may reboot iself. At first i thought it was only while gaming but it would do it when watching youtube/twitch and even once when i was afk from my PC with nothing open on the desktop. Now in games just before the PC freezes i start getting frame drops from 120fps to 60 then 50 then 40 then 20 then freeze. 20% of the time my pc can recover but when it does that both my monitors loose signal then come back. I expected to see a nvidia driver recoverd popup but ive never seen that.

Anyways, I did a few steps to try and fix my issue, updated bios to latest versions still freezes, put back to older bios version still freezes. I used DDU and reinstalled nvidia drivers to latest did not work, I used DDU and isntalled to older versions of drivers still freezing. I formatted, installed only nvidia drivers still freezes, I started going around unplugging all devices I did not need, and for 3 days with just mouse and keyboard i had no freeze then all of a sudden freeze in a game. I ran memtest for a full run, 0 problems. I ran XMP off and on, I ran precision boost of and on all with the same results. So my last straw was to update bios to latest and all drivers to there latest versions.

3 weeks passes no crashes (and i use my pc HEAVLY for multiple things at once even recently playing new world lol) Untill last night, started playing warzone and freeze on title screen. Rebooted, loaded into a game playing... FPS drops to half then half again and freeze. I unisntalled all motherboard software i had installed day before and i was able to game the whole night without a single freeze/problem. I booted my pc today and browing twitch/tube suddenly a freeze. rebooted 5 mins later freeze on desktop again, with wow classes running the background.

Now as it has been hot here in the UK i wanted more control over the fans so i installed some motherboard tools, and thats the only change i made to my pc software/mobo/hardware wise in the past 3 weeks I dont know if this is a coicidence or not.

I realy dont know what else to try, i dont know if its USB issues or GPU problems. But going almost a month with 0 problems im starting to think its some sort of funky driver issue.

HERES A DUMP View of the latest crash It seems to line up with the time it crashes ive never had a BSOD jsut freezes so





Here is a mem dump file







32GB 3600MHZ ram

RTX 20080TI


Thanks for reading guys i realy dont know what to do to fix this any help is much apreciated !

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What exact RAM? Brand and modelnumber and in case of Corsair the version number that's written behind the modelnumber on the sticks.


Make and model PSU?

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Ram is Team Group RIPPED Edition 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-28800C14 3600MHz  (TDPPD416G3600HC14CDC01) x2


PSU is 850W Corsair RM850I.

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New developments, sometimes now when my pc is freezing or going to freeze i get system beeps through my speakers when i try to move my mouse. I also could recreate the crashing for the first time by playing new world, i could make my pc freeze like clocking by just playing the game for around 5 mins (But now I can play games for hours with no crashes and then it will freeze on desktop). I also am now getting no memory dumps and I have NEVER had a BSOD. The latest crash was this... mouse begain to freeze over 10 seconds ithe curser started stuttering untill it locked up then both my monitors turned off, i heard a USB disconnect sound then both of them turned back on, then 10 seconds later both of the monitors turned back off sounds contined for 20 seconds or so then nothing montiors having no signal no sound had to force power off, this was after playing warzone for 3 hours with 0 problems 😐 .
Thanks for your help ❤️

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