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Plugging in HDD gets me stutters in games

Greetings, i just bought myself a pc 3 weeks ago, everything has been running fine until i decided to plug in an HDD to help store some content. I do not have any games in the HDD and have my games in my boot drive (SSD) but still get stutters when the HDD is plugged in, i have a beefy 600W PSU so probably the problem is not there, my specs including brands are:
Gigabyte GTX 1660 6GB

Gigabyte B450M S2H v1.0

WD Blue 500GB HDD


Ryzen 5 3600

2x G-Skill Ripjaws 8GB 3600Mhz

600W Corsair PSU
If anybody could help, it would be much appreciated.

Edit: I have paging files on SSD

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