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Good software to calibrate (at least roughly) my OLED TV?

Hi all,


I was wondering if there was anything I could load up on my laptop to give a rough calibration to my LG C1? I have an Xrite i1 Display Studio which I used with DisplayCal to get a rough balance but given all I had were those little colour bars and it was looking at a pure white square, I could really only adjust the white balance for white. If I went into the colours for Low, my adjustments there had no effect on the white square of course though they completely changed the look of the image.


I was wondering if there was any software (preferably free or relatively cheap) that could talk to the calibrator and output specific % level values as the TV seems to have 10 point and 22 point settings that can be adjusted. Also if I've got this totally the wrong way around and there's a better way to go about it, I'd be all ears for that.


Thanks in advance!

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There's a software called 'HCFR calibration' which you can manually adjust greyscale and colours.

As I'm using TV for gaming and watching, I only used two point setting (Low and High) for white balance and managed to get deltaE below 1 throughout. Don't really need to go 10 or 22 points unless you need super accurate greyscale. As for colours, some are more difficult than others to tune very accurately, and in that case I would be fine with deltaE below 2

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