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Games Crashing and Deleting (?) Nvidia Drivers

Greetings once again to the community


Ok so there is something utterly insane that i 've been trying to solve for a month with no luck at all.


Some games in my pc run just fine (Metro 2033, Little Nightmares, Destiny2), some others crash (Nba 2k21, Horizon Zero Dawn, Control).


The crazy part is that when they crash i go to the GeForce Experience app, reinstall with clean installation the GPU driver and then some of the crashy ones fix, sometimes they just display colored lines through the screen and parts of the image is corrupted and lastly 2k21 just never lets me finish a whole game.


I ve done everything hardware-wise litteraly rebuild the whole system from scratch and removed every single OC related stuff (BIOS, XMP, Auto OC etc)


Last but not least the GPU passes every single stress test i ve put it through FurMark and have configured the fans to go full speed after 55 degrees Celcius via MSI afterburner


System specs

mobo : MSI b450 tomahawk max

CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600

GPU : Zotac gtx 1060 amp! 3GB

m.2 SSD : Kingston 2000 (boot drive/windows)

SSD : WD blue

HDD : unknown


Thanks in advance guys...

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