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Now that Burstcoin has been relaunched as SIGNA I figured I'd make a discussion thread about it. Is anyone here farming Burst/SIGNA?


Way back in 2018 LTT made a video about HDD Mining, specifically Burstcoin: 

I got hooked because i always found the blockchain-concept interesting, but the energy-waste of Proof of Work Chains so unnecessary. As HDDs were much cheaper than graphic cards i started mining. That lasted only for a good year, as the Team behind it seemed to give up a little on the coin. Apparently that changed with a new Team and a new Name, so i'm thinking about mining again.


What do you guys think - only mine if it's profitable (SIGNA might be in the future, but who knows) or support a different concept (Proof of Capacity) out of ideology?


For me it's latter, even though working in IT feeds me - we need to be "greener" at some point.

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